Guidance & Important Topics for GD of Air Force 2020


Jai Hind Dear Students, Today we are going to discuss the basics points of Group Discussion where you can get more marks in comparison to others, if you follow the same instructions then you will definitely clear the GD round.

What Points we will discuss?

  • Group Discussion Mistakes
  • Why Group Discussion?
  • Important Topics of Group Discussion.
  • Increase Your Marks (Bonus Tip)

so let, start one by one. Read this article carefully so you don’t repeat the same mistakes as every student repeat.


Group Discussion Mistakes


  1. Don’t cross your legs during the GD.
  2. Don’t vibrate your legs as many students have this problem, so don’t move your legs.
  3. Don’t put all weight on the front table and sit straight.
  4. Don’t put all weight on the backside also.
  5. Don’t lose eye contact with your partner.
  6. Don’t look regularly to your Examiner.
  7. Don’t go away from your topic otherwise, you or your group will be disqualified.
  8. Don’t convert group discussion into a debate.
  9. Don’t copy the same line as your mate.
  10. Don’t repeat the same sentence.
  11. Your opinion should not be lengthy or boring.
  12. Don’t use Hindi or other native languages during the discussion.


  1. Speak clearly and loud and with moderate speed so that everyone can understand.
  2. Listen carefully to your mate.
  3. Give your opinion within 1 to 2 minutes.
  4. Give a brief introduction before come on to the topic.

Why Group Discussion?

As many students appear for Group Discussion so they have no plenty of time to interact, candidate one to one, so Group discussion is used to filter the candidate in less time.

  1. They check your Confidence.
  2. They check the ability to express your thoughts to your teammate.
  3. They check your speaking skills.
  4. They check your Knowledge.

So don’t nervous when you speak. Speak loud and slowly so everyone can understand.


Important Topics for GD

Important GD topics are those events or incidence that are currently happening within 1 year, so you can also make your own GD topics. These topics vary with dates but some topics are always common.

Current GD Topics are

  1. Coronavirus
  2. India China dispute
  3. Ram Mandir
  4. CAA & NRC
  5. New Fighter Planes
  6. PUB-G
  7. TikTok
  8. The economy of India &
  9. Drugs
  10. Unemployment

Now some common topics of GD are

  1. English must remain the official language of India.
  2. A love marriage is better than an arranged marriage.
  3. A joint family is better than a nuclear family.
  4. Social Media
  5. Corruption is a necessary evil.
  6. The dark side of junk food is still unknown.
  7. Plastic Bags are harmful to health
  8. Reservation in India
  9. Some other common that you decide. (You can also comment to help other students also).

Get More Marks (Bonus Tip)

  1. Try to start group discussion first if not running order wise. (Do only if you know about the topic otherwise wait for some minute to listen to what others say then make your own point to deliver during your own turn.)
  2. Try to Finish i.e conclusion of Group Discussion.

I hope this will definitely help you in your GD round, All the best for your Air Force Exam.

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